War: See Countries Where People Are Begging to Join Russia Fight Ukraine

Names of nations where people are ready to sign up with the Russian army battle Ukraine have actually been revealed.

This comes after President Vladimir Putin said fighters from other countries can join its army.

Putin’s Press secretary, Dmitry Peskov had said “most of those who want and has actually asked to combat are residents of Middle East syrians and countries”.

Russia was a pivotal partner to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad when war broke out in 2015, rallying to his side in the conflict and turning the tide of the fighting in the routine’s favour.

Peskov said the choice to send volunteer fighters to Ukraine was appropriate, claiming that the US was backing steps to send mercenaries to eliminate together with Kyiv’s army in Ukraine.

Russia in February introduced military action against Ukraine, stimulating an exodus of refugees in Europe and allegations of war criminal activities.

“If the West is so enthusiastic about the arrival of mercenaries, then we also have volunteers who want to get involved,” Peskov informed journalists.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu likewise pointed out that more than 16,000 mainly Middle Eastern volunteers had appealed to join the military action.