Drama As 3 Friends Drink Beer On A Bad Road In Owerri To Draw Attention To It (Photos)

Last Updated: October 30, 2020By

Owerri road

A group of three friends have been seen drinking beer in the middle of a bad road in Owerri.

The friends set up a table in the middle of the bad road and drank beer there to draw attention to the state of the road.

The friends took off their footwear and the lady in their midst rolled up her trousers as they sat in the middle of the road, their feet dirty with mud.

Passers-by are seen looking at the friends inquisitively.

They shared the photos online while calling for an end to bad governance.

“I had am amazing time with my friends today, but honestly people are suffering here,” the caption on the photo reads, adding, “At this point I think it’s high time we voice out concerning the way things seems to be going in terms of governance.”