We declined N1million â $” Family of police who died in Ogun ex-governorâ $ s house


Family of Sergeant Adeleke Ogunsola, who died while opening a gate at previous Governor Gbenga Daniel’s home in Sagamu, have said they were used N1 million by some representatives of Daniel.

Ogunsola died Saturday under what a few of his associates described as “strange circumstances”.

He was stated to have actually been mistakenly hit by Daniel’s chauffeur when he was opening a gate for him and this eventually resulted in his death.

Daniel said he was not around when the incident happened, he declared to have reached out to the family of Ogunsola through the police authority.

It was collected that Daniel has sent N1million to the 2 better halves married by the deceased Ogunsola.

DAILY POST found out that the late police left behind 2 other halves and 3 children.

Talking to newsmen, one of the wives, Motunrayo Ogunsola, described that the money sent to them by Daniel was rejected by the household.

Motunrayo questioned what the family would do with N1million, with kids who are still going to school.

“Since Saturday, they didn’t come to us, they came on Monday. Perhaps it was because they realized that pressmen have been informed.

“After they left, the DPO called us to say that they brought the sum of N1 million. My spouse wed 2 people. Are we going to share that into 2, N500,000 each?

“We don’t understand how he passed away. When some individuals came here from the former governor, they informed us he was opening eviction for a car bring some irons which among the irons fell and hit him in the chest. The motorist who drove the automobile, we don’t understand him. They are still hiding the precise thing that eliminated our other half from us. That’s sad.

“We are now requiring an autopsy to confirm what really eliminated Leke. We want comprehensive examination. He needs to not just die like that. We’ve been to the mortuary to see his remains, but that mark on his chest is inadequate to kill him. They said he had internal bleeding after the event, however the autopsy will reveal that. We are not going to bury him until after the autopsy,” Motunrayo said in the middle of tears.

She discussed further that the household may have another meeting with Daniel or his representative on the way forward.

On the other hand, the Ogun State cops image maker, Abimbola Oyeyemi, stated examination was continuous.

Oyeyemi rejected any knowledge of Daniel providing the household N1million as payment over their loss.

Previously, Oyeyemi had actually explained Ogunsola’s death as an accident that might take place to anyone.

Meanwhile, an authorities source who confided in our reporter, mentioned that the motorist was earlier detained and implicated of murder.

“But when there was a call from above, the motorist was freed; Ogunsola was reported to have actually died in active duty and the driver was set free. Thank God for the media, if not, the man would have been forgotten just like that. That’s what we go through in this job. I am leaving soon,” the senior officer said.