War: Ukrainian military defeats Russian troops, kills Col. Zakharov

The Ukrainian military has actually claimed that it has actually defeated a program of Russian soldiers and killed its leader, Col. A. Zakharov.

They were stated to have actually attained the task in Brovary, northeast of Kyiv.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said on Thursday that “The commander of the occupier’s program, Colonel Zakharov, was liquidated.

“During the fight in the Brovary district of Kyiv area, the battalion tactical group (BTGr) of the 6th tank program (Chebarkul) of the 90th tank division of the Central Command suffered considerable losses of workers and devices,” the ministry stated on Twitter.

According to CNN, a geolocated and confirmed video shared by Ukranian defense ministry reveals a Russian military column coming under attack and pulling away.

The military shared videos of the aftermath, which showed a number of ruined cars.

Russia wants to completely encircle Kyiv and are approaching the capital city from the northeast and east.

However, Ukrainian anti-tank weapons have held them off up until now.