Armed Forces Remembrance Day: Informants irritating our efforts– El-Rufai


Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, on Saturday, specified that informants have frustrated all the efforts to rid the state of banditry and wrongdoers in the state. Guv El-Rufai, while speaking at the Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration in Kaduna on Saturday, noted that informants living within communities in the state have actually been annoying the battle against banditry.

According to him, “The level of insecurity we face in the nation, especially here in Kaduna State, is of fantastic issue and I believe that the security agencies, especially the military and the police are doing their best but we require every stakeholder in order to contribute; because the most significant problem we have are the informants that live within us.

According to him, it is important for spiritual and neighborhood leaders not only to raise their advocacy, but to also keep an eye out for individuals that appear to be investing a lot of money with no clear means of livelihood, adding that they are probably informants of kidnappers.

He stated such individuals should be reported to the authorities closest to them, guaranteeing that the government will protect such details and take all required action.

He expressed appreciation to the Armed Forces and the police, who are losing officers and guys daily to the war versus banditry and assured them of federal government’s support not just in resources, however in prayers.