There Is No Woman Behind Every Successful Man– Reno Omokri



< img src=""alt="Reno"width= "500"height= "440"> Reno Omokri Former Presidential assistant, Reno Omokri is of the opinion that the popular stating “behind every successful man is a woman”is a big lie.He thinks that what lags a successful man are numerous years of unsuccessful years.Reno stated

that if the effective man had actually concentrated on women, his current success would not have actually been realized.He Wrote:”Dear males, Behind every successful man, there

is not a lady. That saying

is a lie. Rather, behind almost every successful man, are lots of not successful years. And if he had actually focused on women in those years, his present success would not have

manifested. Never ever think that love alone, without success, can keep a lady with you. Love alone is not enough to keep a marital relationship afloat. Specifically where children are involved. As soon as a woman has a kid, her umbilical love for that child is most likely to be more powerful than her emotional love for you. If you can’t look after that kid, due to the fact that of hardship, she may cheat on you with a man who will’. ToriNG