Super TV CEO: Show promoter Commends Chidinma’s Participation In Beauty Pageant

Mr Brendan Nsikak, the program promoter of Mr and Miss Nigeria International, has lauded the involvement of Chidinma Ojukwu, the suspected killer of Super television Chief Executive Officer, Michael Ataga, in the ‘Miss Cell 2022’ pageant arranged for female inmates by the Nigerian Correctional Services.

Nsikak, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Brendance and Crusader Limited, provided the commendation in an interview with newsmen on Friday in Lagos, while responding to the Miss Cell Pageant held within the Kirikiri correctional facility, and won by Chidinma.

Chidinma is standing trial for the murder of Ataga at the Lagos High Court, sitting at Tafawa Balewa Square.

“I commend the effort and salute the nerve of the individuals, and to the’ Miss Cell 2022′, let her live her life up until the judgment is served and handed down her,” Nsikak said.

The ‘Miss Cell’ charm pageant was organised on March 8 as one of numerous activities lined up to mark International Women’s Day at the Kirikiri correctional facility.

Nsikak described the initiative as beneficial, stating it became part of social activities to keep the prisoners in sound mind and good spirit.

“It is a good action for Ojukwu to have the nerve and boldness to participate in the competition, in spite of her ongoing trials at the courts.

“The Nigerian Correctional Services is measuring up to their duties and being proactive by setting up such events and other programmes suggested to keep inmates warm and make the environment vibrant.

“Everyone knows that Chidinma, the prime suspect in the continuous trial of the murder case of Ataga is still under jail custody and has actually not been convicted or found guilty,” Nsikak stated.

He kept in mind that it was basic to keep the inmates meaningfully engaged with activities, against quarrelling and battles while in custody, in addition to help them from being depressed.

“While inmates are being motivated in skills acquisitions, education and creativity, those who have flair for pageantry or home entertainment need to likewise be given a platform to showcase their potential,” he included.