My Friend Takes Pleasure In Sleeping With ‘Small Girls’ – Man Laments

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< img src="" width="450" height="436" alt > A man has actually lamented over his friend’s bad habit of sleeping with ‘little ladies’.

According to him, he discovers it offending considering that his buddy is 34.

Read his story below:

I’m 31 and my good friend is 34 years. Lately we’ve been having some problems over the above subject.

I don’t know why but he takes a lot satisfaction in sleeping with women he’s far older than. Like 18, 19 years old ladies (really tender girls).

Anytime I grumble about this, it ends up being a problem. He even think I’m envious of him, in reality he informed me today to stop been envious but frankly I feel extremely embarrassed anytime he brings such women to our event.

We are brand-new in this area however individuals have actually already noticed this and its even rubbing off on me now.

The amusing thing is he doesn’t even feel any embarassment or remorse about this.