Drama As Woman Shouts Inside Bank Over Missing N100,000, Threatens to Remove Her Cloth (Video)


< img src ="https://eyewitness101.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/drama-as-woman-shouts-inside-bank-over-missing-n100000-threatens-to-remove-her-cloth-video.jpg"width=" 500 "height=" 263 "alt > A woman has threatened to remove her clothing inside bank after her N100,000 got missing.

In the video that has actually now distributed online, the woman produced a scene by screaming inside the bank while requesting a refund.

In the video, the female lamented that N100k was subtracted from her account which she had actually been checking out the bank for the previous one month to get it corrected to no obtain.

She said if nothing is done about it, she will eliminate her gown.

See video below:

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