Leave meaningful legacy for inbound administration– Gowon informs Lalong

Former Nigeria’s Head of State and senior statesman, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, on Friday challenged Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State to ensure that he leaves a meaningful tradition that the incoming administration in 2023 will combine on.

He likewise got in touch with the Federal Government to reimburse monies used in constructing federal roads throughout the state, so it can be rechanneled into other sectors.

Gowon made the request in Jos, the State Capital.

“I want to interest the Federal Government to refund funds that the state used in building federal roadways so that such funds will be used to intervene in other sectors in the state”, he maintained.

In his remarks, Lalong stated, “You will remember that when we were chosen into office in 2015, we pledged to leave Plateau State better than we fulfilled it.

“In particular, I stressed that we will not desert inherited jobs, specifically those which have a direct bearing on the lives of the people because doing the contrary will amount to waste of public funds.