Delta Retiree Slumps During Protest Against Governor Okowa’s Failure To Pay Entitlements

< img src=""width ="450"height =" 338 "alt > A Delta State retiree, Alfred Esiphri, slumped on Thursday during a protest by the retirees against the state federal government over its failure to pay them their entitlements.

The retired people, who were primary schools teachers and personnel of city government councils numbering over 2000, featured different placards engravings such as “Okowa pay us our pensions and gratuities now.” “Okowa stop killing the senior citizens. Retired people are suffering and dying daily.” “Governor Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa pay us our gratuities and pension from 2014 till date. 35 years of service is not a joke pay us now.” “Okowa the blood of the dead retirees are on your head.” among others.

They interrupted an empowerment programme by the state federal government at the state event centre.

It was nevertheless observed that as the demonstration was going on, the entrance gate of the occasion centre was already barricaded by the protesting retirees.

While doing so, among the retirees, recognized as Alfred Esiphri dropped, consequently creating confusion amongst the protesters.

Eyewitnesses said a few of the senior citizens gathered around Esiphri and began to restore him, after which he gained back awareness after a number of minutes of battling for his life.

He was thereafter eliminated from the place of the protest.