Unbelievable! Scammers Dress Up 66-year-old Man’s Corpse, Then Carry The Body Into Post Office To Claim His Pension



The corpse of a 66-year-old male was reportedly carried into a post workplace by two scammers in a quote to claim his pension in Ireland.According to the Irish Independent, the elderly man might have been dead for approximately two days when the men carried the body into the post workplace on Friday, January 22.

According to Irish cops, the scammers who were in their 30s, entered into the post workplace and attempted to get Mr Doyle’s money however personnel informed them they required his near relative there or Doyle himself.

Afterwards, it is alleged they went to Doyle’s house where they put a jumper over his face and a hat on his head. Both males then carried him along a public footpath prior to they once again tried to claim his pension.

His appearance supposedly made a staff member at the post office (Hosey’s store in County Carlow) to end up being concerned about his health and wellbeing and she asked if he was sick.The men are said to have told her that Doyle was having a cardiac arrest and put his body on the ground.An ambulance was called as occasions unfolded and the

guys remained at the post workplace, making no attempt to escape, according to the Irish Independent.One female stated her daughter saw the 2 males carry a male into the post office.

Speaking with the Irish Independent, she said that the male looked unhealthy and that his feet

were’dragging the ground.’There was a queue beyond the post workplace at the time and individuals had at first believed

the man was having a heart attack.She stated: ‘I feel horrible for the personnel. I’ve a 12-year-old daughter and I’m attempting to describe to her what occurred and sure where do you start? It’s terrible.’Mayor of Carlow, Ken Murnane, said:’I was definitely shocked to hear about what occurred.’I can not believe anyone would do something like that. It beggars belief, I’m just shocked. ‘A cops representative stated the police is examining all the scenarios surrounding the inexplicable death of a senior male in the Carlow location on Friday morning. They stated:’The services of the Garda Technical Bureau and the Office of the State Pathologist have been asked for,”A post-mortem will be performed by the Office of the State Pathologist, the

outcomes of which will determine the course of the investigation.’ No more details is available at this time.’