Do not Call Me ‘His Excellency’, Call Me ‘Mr Governor’ or ‘Charlie Nwangbafor’ – Soludo Tells Anambra People

The governor-elect, nevertheless, directed that those who discover it improper to call him by his name can feel free to address him as Mr Governor.
Prof. Charles Soludo

Prof. Charles Soludo Anambra State Governor-elect, Prof Chukwuma Soludo has actually mentioned that he doesn’t wish to be resolved as ‘His Excellency’.

According to him, he would choose he’s addressed as ‘Prof Chukwuma Soludo’, ‘Mr Governor’ or ‘Charlie Nwangbafor’ .

The previous Central Bank Governor who was speaking during the inauguration of the shift committee stated some of such little errors were things that would be addressed throughout the meeting of the shift committee.

Speaking during the inauguration, Soludo stated: “I was called His Excellency a while ago, however may I plead that the Excellency tag awaits now.

“That becomes part of what we will discuss in this committee. You might just need to discover how to call me by my name, however if that isn’t good for you, then, may I request that you just call me ‘Charlie Nwangbafor’.

“If that one is so challenging for you that you need to be formal in resolving me, then you can address me as Mr Governor,” Soludo informed the guests.