2023: Claims about Tinubu’s age, education, wealth blackmail– APC

The All Progressives Congress( APC )has actually implicated those against the Bola Tinubu’s 2023 presidential aspiration of taking part in calumny.

Seye Oladejo, Lagos APC spokesperson, in a statement on Tuesday, said the previous Lagos Governor stays the guy to beat.

Noting that Tinubu has the support of 1,800 groups, Oladejo told opponents to specify the truths instead of turning to blackmail.

He firmly insisted that allegations about the APC leader’s education, wealth and age are without substantive realities.

“It is very intriguing that those in opposition all of a sudden have access to Asiwaju’s medical record and they have become the authority on his state of health.

“Tinubu’s motion to different parts of the nation in the last couple of months showed that he is clinically healthy.”

Oladejo remembered Tinubu made his knee surgical treatment public and has been moving about considering that returning from the medical trip.

The Publicity Secretary stressed that the candidate’s wealth can not be weighed in financial worth.

“His wealth must be measured by the goodwill and image he has by building males who are willing to play their parts at a time like this. These guys are spread out all over Nigeria.”

Oladejo maintained Tinubu is not only certified to be President, he likewise takes pleasure in the self-confidence people for distinguishing himself as Governor and contributions to national politics.

“He is not being required on us and he is not being thrown up by circumstances to run for the office”, he added.

The declaration expressed confidence that Tinubu would defeat candidates at APC presidential primaries and at the surveys.

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