Eto’o recounted.

“In his head, he was pricking me to make me his own player. I talked to him in his office. It was what he wanted from me, to get back to my best level.

“I did. We won everything. We had a team of eleven warriors, we won differently.”??Luis Aragones’ impact on Spanish football can’t be questioned and Eto’o only had glowing praise for the former Spain boss.

“If I had to stay with one coach it would have been Luis Aragones,” he said. “He changed my life. We spoke in his office at Mallorca and it totally changed my life as a player.

“He called me and said ‘Samuel, you’ve done everything with Mallorca but now it’s time to go to a big club, where your level really is’. “He saw things in a way that I didn’t. He was unique, knew to play with personality. If I become a coach it would be a great honour to resemble him.”