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Five Things You Have To Do During A Plane Emergency

An unidentified man, on Friday,  climbed up one of the wings of an aircraft, at the Lagos Airport, causing passengers to panic.

The man has since been arrested by the Airport security operatives, however, passengers asked the pilot to open the aircraft door, over security concerns, as it was reported that the man deposited the bag he was carrying in one of the engines of the plane.

On what to do during such occurrences and other types of emergencies, safety experts advised that air passengers should be armed with life-saving information.

Some of the tips are:

1. Pay attention to safety instructions inflight

For regular fliers, it can be very easy to dismiss this routine part of flying, however, it is important to pay attention. You just never can tell.

2. Check for your life jacket

According to Traveller, cabin crews are not necessarily mandated to check that each seat has its own life jacket, hence it’s up to each passenger to ensure that his/her life jacket is where the airline says it is.

3.  Wear your seatbelt whenever possible, even if the seatbelt sign is off

It might not feel comfortable but it can save your life. According to The Point Guy, turbulence is not always a regular part of a flight, but it can happen. In fact, there is a high chance of it happening, hence avoid unnecessarily risk injury to yourself and others, wear your seatbelt.

4.  If ordered to evacuate, leave all your belongings behind

Carrie A. Trey, a flight attendant, speaking with The Point Guy, advised that whenever there is an order to evacuate, leave all your belongings behind. Save yourself first.

Taking the time to grab your bags in an emergency could mean the difference between life and death for you and other passengers. The only thing you can’t afford to lose is your life.

5. Know how your oxygen mask works.

“Any time the cabin pressure is compromised, we have to descend as fast as possible because there’s no oxygen up there,” said Lisa Cannon, a former Air Force pilot who now flies for Delta told Traveller.

You have probably heard this so many times, “In the unlikely event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop down from the panel above your head. Secure your own mask before helping others. Cover your nose and mouth.”

The consequence of not using the oxygen mask correctly may lead to loss of consciousness and impaired judgement.


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